Laser cutting of pipes and profiles


We use TRUMPF, ADIGE and BYSTRONIC machines for laser cutting of pipes and profiles. This technology allows you to cut almost any shape into pipes and profiles.

We have technologies represented in more machines, the production possibilities of the machines thus overlap = higher variability and flexibility in meeting delivery deadlines.

3D models in the format STP = operability and accuracy can be used for programming.

Materials and dimensions that we are able to process:

  • Types of processable materials:
    • structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals
  • Kind of processable materials:
    • tubes, steel, U profiles, L profiles, H profiles, I profiles
  • Maximum length of the finished part: 12,000 mm
  • Maximum mounting dimensions:
    • Diagonal 406 mm
    • Square cross section 300x300 mm
    • Rectangular cross section 350x200 mm
  • Maximum material strength:
    • Structural steel 20 mm
    • Stainless steel material 15 mm
    • Aluminum alloys 6 mm

Machinery equipment

MachineMax. laser powerMax. pipe or profile lengthMax. profile diagonalMax. sheet thickness, structural steelMax. sheet thickness, stainless steelMax. sheet thickness, aluminum
Trumpf Trulaser Tube 50003200 W6500 mm150 mm8 mm5 mm4 mm
Trumpf Trulaser Tube 70003600 W6500 mm254 mm10 mm6 mm5 mm
Laser Adige LT 83500 W6500 mm220 mm12 mm6 mm3 mm
Laser Adige LT 7 - 3D fiber3000 W6500 mm150 mm12 mm6 mm6 mm
Bystronic TUBE M4-FL 4004000 W12 500 mm406 mm20 mm15 mm5 mm

Special production

We can also process open profiles H and I, with a profile diagonal of up to 406 mm, which we have not been able to process before. It is possible due to purchasing the latest machine from Bystronic in 2020.

This technology also has a second machining head with a turret magazine for six tools, with the help of which we are able to make threads, calibrated holes, flowdrill, etc. on a single machine and with a single clamping of material, milling, punching and between surgical manipulations.

The latest tube laser technology ADIGE LT 7, bought and commissioned in 2021, is equipped with a 3D cutting head enabling cuts with a +/- 45 ° tilt range and the latest technologies contributing to the high quality and productivity of laser cutting.

Key features include: Active Tilt - tilting the cutting head to accelerate the machining of small parts made of thin materials, Active Scan - for measuring and compensating for bending and torsional torsion errors of machined pipes and profiles, Active Weld - for identification and orientation of the weld seam for round, square and rectangular tubes.

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