Robotic welding

We weld the following materials

We offer the capacity of three robotic workstations, which are equipped with high-quality welding robots. Robotic welding is suitable for larger series. We have MIG MAG and TIG technologies available for manual welding, we use jig tables for this. We use manual welding mainly in piece and prototype production and in large assemblies where robotic welding cannot be used.

We weld the following materials:

  • Construction steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium

MIG / MAG and PLASMA TIG robotic welding workplace

MIG / MAG welding is referred to as fusion welding in a protective atmosphere, which involves several arc welding methods using different types of consumables and shielding gases.

PLASMA TIG is welding with a tungsten electrode in a protective atmosphere. The melting of the connected parts occurs due to the electric arc that burns between the electrode and the welded parts. In various cases, it is also possible to use an additional wire, which we add to the welding site. Plasma welding has a wide range of applications for demanding joints up to 8 mm thick.

Technical parameters

  • MIG / MAG power 480 A
  • PLASMA TIG 480 A power

Robot Motoman MA 1800

  • Controlled axes: 6
  • Load capacity: 15 kg
  • Maximum range: 1807 mm
  • Repeatability: ± 0.08 mm

Motoman WG 250 positioner

  • Maximum load: 250 kg
  • Disc distance: 2200 mm
  • Rotation time by 180 °: approx. 2 s
  • Maximum weldment diameter: 1600 mm
  • Maximum weld size: 2000 mm long

Motoman DK 250 positioner

  • Maximum load: 250 kg
  • Tilt axis height: 620 mm
  • Maximum weldment diameter: 1200 mm

TOP TIG and MIG / MAG robotic welding workplace

The TOP TIG process offers the quality of TIG welding at a performance comparable to MIG welding.

The TOP TIG torch has several innovative elements:

  • Compact torch with wire feed system integrated into the nozzle
  • Increased productivity due to quick manual or automatic electrode replacement

For robotic systems – maximized use of movement options with an insertion system that allows welding in all directions.

Technical parameters

  • Power TOP TG 350 A
  • MIG / MAG power 300 A

Robot Motoman HP20-6

  • Controlled axes: 6
  • Load capacity: 6 kg
  • Maximum range: 1915 mm
  • Repeatability: ± 0.06 mm

Motoman RM2-250 ST positioner

  • Maximum load: 250 kg / site
  • Disc distance: 2636 mm
  • Station rotation time: approx. 4 s
  • Maximum weldment diameter: 800 mm
  • Maximum weld size: 2500 mm length

LASER robotic welding workplace

Laser welding is one of the most modern technologies, with which we can weld both thin sheets and solid structures. In our case, it is welding without additional material. The method is also suitable especially where the weld is no longer modified and is on the visible sides.

  • The power of the laser source is 5 kW
  • High weld homogeneity
  • High weld speed and stability
  • Minimal heat affected zone around the weld
  • Low product deformations
  • Possibility of welding in hard to reach places

Technical parameters

  • LASER power 5 kW

Motoman MH50-35 robot

  • Controlled axes: 6
  • Load capacity: 35 kg
  • Maximum range: 1500 mm
  • Repeatability: ± 0.07 mm

WESTAX WXD 25 positioner

  • Maximum load: 250 kg
  • Maximum weldment diameter: 650 mm
  • Maximum weld height: 600 mm
  • Tilt axis height: 620 mm

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